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And a really good one at that!

I started thinking this afternoon about how much I’d enjoyed today. And I have some free time because I’ve been pretty productive lately. So, as my chemistry-inclined friends would say,

Excitement + Time → Blog post

A chronology:

- Shower. Always a good start. Really enjoying having a geezer (water heater) in my bathroom at the guesthouse.
- Running a little late to make myself oatmeal or sit down for breakfast, so I stop at Lhamo’s Croissants for yesterday’s half-price chocolate croissants. Have a nice chat with the owner, an Amdo Tibetan, about languages that leaves me 10 minutes late.
- Hop in a taxi. Turns out the driver is Kartar, an old friend of Tara-la’s who was the one we called to get us to Amritsar (he sent two co-workers of his with us but charged reasonably and was very nice). Nice conversation there too.
- Get to Sarah. Complete 25 interviews in the day, which added to the 30 I got yesterday, brings me to 55. My goal is between 40 and 600, so I’m set. And there are still two weeks left! More on my research saga later, but suffice it to say it’s going swimmingly.
- Lunch at Sarah (veg and tofu on rice, but better quality than usual. Or I’ve been away for a while), sit with Kelsang, a really wonderful fellow and a classmate’s roommate. At various points in the day, see and/or interview various other Sarah friends.
- Keep interviewing. This afternoon was a “holiday,” so I was gently kicked out by the administrator who wanted to lock up the office.
- Feeling, well, kicked-out, head over to my roommate’s room with the thought of squeezing in another interview. Get him and his roommate, as well as the three friends he ran out to find for me. First he said, “Have you interviewed an Amdowa yet? I’ll get you an Amdowa [brings an Amdowa]. I know! How about a Himalayan [brings two].” After a while, he came back to say, “I asked my other friends, but they already saw you!” He then refused to let me leave without taking some of the treats the students had all been given at the end of the year, which explains the bottle of Indian cola and unidentifiable citrus fruit sitting on my table.
- Run into Palden (Sarah friend) while running for the bus. Don’t get to chat, but I’ll probably see him again. He was one of the three or so roommates who pretty much integrated into our Emory group and was one of the two who even came with us to Amritsar.
- Ride Indian bus, always an adventure. Meet nice fellow from the village of Sarah and ask him for recommendations for a sweets shop in Lower D. He ends up showing me to his favorite place (bonus! It’s clean!), where I get an impressively large box of things for 30 Rs and my new friend buys me a delicious sweet-milk-with-gloppy-stuff thing without my consent before helping me find the right bus to take to McLeod (harder than it sounds).
- Get to guesthouse to find most of my classmates elsewhere or not yet hungry. Go by myself to the good dhaba (where I ran into shoe-fixing-man Sanju the other day) and end up chatting with an eccentric semi-retired British woman who lives mostly in India and travels around Asia when her visa expires.
- Enjoy Indian sweets I picked up in Lower D (with [some] sharing). In retrospect, feel unusually, perhaps excessively social. Write blog post.
- [Note: I wrote this entry yesterday; today, after our weekly group brunch at Illiterati, the café/bookshop where our friend Amber Jade cooks, a bunch of us walked down to Lower D for lassis at Patrick’s favorite place and more sweets from this “sweet” shop. Yum. As someone said, “It’s like taking a half hour walk to India!” which sums up this area pretty well.]


Can you think of any better way to spend a day?

Posted by cageissler 08:50

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You're eating sweets???!!!! I like it...a new Chris will be returning to NJ shortly!!!

by Ann Geissler

If I may request a blog post topic, I'd like to hear an in-depth explanation of your research: question, methodology, expected conclusions, surprises, difficulties, general thoughts... Also, when are you coming back?

by Eugenia

Haha, Indian sweets. :P

by cageissler

Eugenia--yes, I'll definitely be posting a "work life" post, though I'm thinking of waiting until I've been at it for longer. It'll be one of several themed posts I'll put up at the end of or just after the program.

After finishing here May 15, I'll be stopping off to visit some family in Australia and then return to Swarthmore the weekend of June 2-3.

by cageissler

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